Who is this new old guy?


In case you’re wondering who the new guy is, I’m OldDude04. Some of you may know me from Head-Fi. I’m just an old school basshead and music lover that started out way back in the late 80’s and early 90’s using car audio in my mini-truck to fill my need for the low end rumble. As I got a bit older and got my own place, I spent silly money on home stereo equipment in my long-term chase for the bass. Then I got married, had some mini me’s and all of a sudden I couldn’t play my stereo cuz babies were sleeping. (They sleep ALL the time, lol) Anyway, long story short, I was forced to find a new way to get my daily helping of bass, and I turned to personal audio. I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts with you guys on IEMs, amps, & headphones, and how they relate to a basshead’s needs.

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